Where Does Social Media Fit Into a Business Marketing Plan?

According to The Social Media Examiner’s recent Social Media Marketing Report, “The number-one advantage of social media marketing is generating exposure for the business, indicated by 85{421b746ef4f4588dfd87c8acf16c9c4b10a4a0127eaff1927a04f4091b6d6d60} of all marketers, followed by increasing traffic [to a website] (63{421b746ef4f4588dfd87c8acf16c9c4b10a4a0127eaff1927a04f4091b6d6d60}) and building new business partnerships (56{421b746ef4f4588dfd87c8acf16c9c4b10a4a0127eaff1927a04f4091b6d6d60})”. With 65{421b746ef4f4588dfd87c8acf16c9c4b10a4a0127eaff1927a04f4091b6d6d60} of the marketers stating […]