Choices in Jersey Frames and Jersey Display Cases

What better way to display your sports jersey collection than with a jersey frame? Problem is figuring out which one will be the best to use for the particular look and type of jersey that you want to put on display. Not all jersey frames are made alike and there are different styles and sizes available. Let’s take a look at a few of them to help you make this decision.

Locking Jersey Frames
This is one of the first things that you will want to take into consideration when you are choosing the frames to display your jersey collection in. Do you need or want the frame to be able to be locked? A locking frame will protect your jersey from the obvious such as theft, unless they remove the entire frame or alert you by breaking the glass in the front. The less obvious reasons for displaying your jersey in a locking frame is so people can not open the frame to touch the jersey skydiving jersey shirt.

We all know that our hands constantly contain oils, dirt and bacteria no matter how many times we wash them each day or how clean we believe they are. Touching the jersey with your bare hands can eventually cause soiled spots and literally eat away at the jersey’s fabric content over time resulting in depreciation of the value of your collectible. Some jerseys are extremely valuable and it would be a shame to lose money on your investment because of a few buddies who wanted to feel the fabric or touch a signature.

Acrylic Jersey Display Case
These type of jersey cases allow the jersey to be viewed from all sides and angles. They have a built in hanger to keep the jersey placed correctly in the case and can be conveniently viewed without being removed from the case. This keeps the chances of soiling the jersey to a minimum because it can be completely viewed without having to be opened or removed.

Some acrylic cases are UV Resistant for another step in protecting the fabric. You can rest assured that this type of case will not only protect your investment collectible from dirty hands, it will also protect the fabric from the dreaded fading from being on display in or around sunlight.

These types of cases are available with a locking door for added protection and security.

Jersey Display Case with Built in Hanger
Just like the acrylic case that we spoke about earlier, you can also purchase a jersey display case that has a built in hanger. This helps to protect the fabric because the jersey does not have to be taped or pinned into the case to display properly.

These types of frames come with and without locks.

Jersey Display Case
This is the general display case that everyone thinks about first when they think about purchasing a display case for their jersey. These are the cases with the black backgrounds and glass front doors. The basic jersey display case come without a lock so if you are not worried about theft or someone opening the door to feel the jersey fabric, then this basic display case will be the one for you.

This type of display case has a hanging bar inside to help support the jersey that you are displaying inside.

Jersey Frame Shadow Box
This type of jersey frame is shorter than the standard size so you will have to do some folding at the bottom of the jersey for it to fit into the frame. These are great for smaller spaces and for creating more intense rows of jersey displays.

Now that you know what types of frames are available, you will need to consider the finish on the frame. Most are available in many different wood finishes, black or unfinished. You will be able to pick the finish that compliments each particular jersey that you are wanting to put on display.

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