How Granite Is Quarried and Fabricated

Granite is a natural stone as we all are aware of and it is composed of two naturally occurring phenomena ultra metamorphosis and crystal fractionation. Both these processes involve high temperature and pressure that made volcanic magma (also known as granitic magma) to settle down in the layers of pre-existing metamorphic rocks in the plutonic region. It takes many years square footage calculator app to produce such tantalizing natural beauty that we known as granite stone. It is not only its aesthetic beauty but also the robust structure beneath its surface that is as appreciable as its surface appearance.

How Granite Is Fabricated

It was first Egyptian era that explored the use of granite as one of the elegant decorative stone on the exteriors of the building but that time granite was simply extracted and polished by rubbing them against each other or using sand paper and water.

But as time passed and pyramid of Giza was discovered people became aware about this precious resource that is widely distributed through out the earth. People started digging out more information on granite stone and even some started quarrying the granite as their business but with the help of heavy machinery and buffing tools extracted granite converted into a magnificent piece of stone.

Today also the methodology for processing granite after quarrying is similar as in nineteen century but the advent of modern technology made this work easier and efficient. All the natural stones whether its granite or marble have unique colour combination due to the presence of certain particular compounds in different concentration but the refinement of these colours depends how it is processed.

How Our Technology Is Contributing in Granite Processing

As I told you earlier that granite manufacturers using several heavy machineries to enhance the beauty and quality of quarried granite. Saws, polishing pads and routers etc are some of the commonly used equipments in this methodology. The entire processing of granite is basically divided into different stages namely; dressing, slicing, polishing and edge trimming. Every stage has its own dedicated equipments and methodology.

I. Its first stage is dressing that basically use large hammers and dressing picks to make the extracted granite stone clean in shape. It just gives a rough shape to granite chunk before entering into next stage.

II. Second stage is slicing where heavy machineries with diamond shaped saw are used to slice down the chunks of granite into standard size slabs so that they can be easily processed and transported further.


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