Optimizing Website For Higher MSN Ranking

The three mostly used search engines today are Google, Yahoo and MSN. Most search engine optimizers aim to achieve higher website ranking on these three major search engines. But it is not as easy as other search engine optimizers may have thought of it. Why? Because these three major search engines use different algorithms and criteria in ranking websites. Because of this, search engine optimizers need different search engine marketing strategies to rank well on Google, Yahoo and MSN at the same time.

This article presents some pointers that search engine optimizers must consider in optimizing their websites for MSN. MSN is considered to be the search engine that is easy to impress. Search engine optimizers can relate to the many demands of Google and Yahoo. In the same manner, search engine optimizers can relate to the easy competition in MSN ranking.

Pointers To Consider in Getting A Higher MSN Ranking

MSN is not as meticulous as Google or Yahoo in terms of its ranking. Search engine marketing experts can attest to the fact that it is quiet easy to get a competitive listing on MSN than on Yahoo and Google. Search engine optimizers aiming for a higher ranking on MSN must consider two factors that affect MSN ranking:

o MSN reads and uses Meta Tags.

MSN, like the other search engines, puts emphasis on Meta Tags. MSN reads and uses Meta Tags in identifying the rank of a particular website or web page. Meta Tag is one of the major criteria that MSN uses in determining whether a certain web page deserves to be included in the search results and under what rank will it appear. Since Meta Tag serves as one of the bases in getting a higher ranking on MSN, be sure you have one on each of your web pages. Search engine optimizers must incorporate the most relevant keyword on their web pages’ Meta tag. MSN checks on the keywords’ prominence and density, as well.

o MSN is less meticulous on reciprocal links.

Search engine optimizers must understand that MSN is less meticulous when it comes to links. It value links just like Google and Yahoo but it does not seem to be very particular with the age or stability criteria of the links. MSN does not put heavy weight on the issue of quality and nature of links pointing to a particular website.

Just like Yahoo and Google, MSN has its own algorithm or criteria in ranking websites in its search results. However, there is one thing that these major search engines are commonly looking for: it’s original, fresh and quality web content. So as search engine optimizers strive for higher ranking on MSN, it is advisable that they strive for good content, as well.

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