The Anti-Get-Rich-Quick Book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

Have you ever seen those Get-Rich-Quick offers on the internet? I am sure you have. They promise wealth and riches in no time and with little effort. Do you really believe they work? Well, I do not, I have never believed it and I QuickBooks tool hub never will.

Sure, it may be possible to get rich quick, e.g. by winning the lottery, being lucky in stock trading or break the bank in a gambling casino. Opportunities of this kind are real but far away from a sustainable job to make a living from. And I would assume the same for get-rich-quick-schemes related to online marketing though I am convinced that there are equitable offers among them.

So why do people still fall for these scams? It is the money, of course. It lets greed take over and eliminate even the last bit of reason. Bad luck for those who buy it: coincidental it is the money they will never earn. The only profiteers are these who sell the get-rich-quick-schemes.

Get-Rich-Quick-Scam protection

Now, wouldn’t it be great if there was an antidote or vaccination to prevent people from falling for get-rich-quick-scams? Well, the good news is: it is already there. To be precise, it has been there for more than 70 years – since 1937.

In March 1937 a man published a book that sold like hot cakes from the beginning. And sales did not stop for the next seven decades so that 30 million copies (the data varies, some say even 60 million copies) have been sold to date worldwide. The book is entitled “Think And Grow Rich”, authored by Napoleon Hill.

“Think And Grow Rich” is an exemplary anti-get-rich-quick-book for various reasons:


  • it is based upon interviews with, and analysis of over 500 rich people back then
  • all of them have acquired their fortunes over years or rather decades
  • planning and persistence are indispensable constituent parts of the formula
  • Napoleon Hill has proven that he walks his talk. It took him 20 years to interview and analyze the 500+ individuals to find a formula of getting rich that could be applied by the average person
  • many successful people, among them real estate tycoon John Mc Grath, multimillionaires Dobbins, Pettman, and W. Clement Stone, consider(ed) Napoleon Hill’s “Think And Grow Rich” a serious wealth-creating tool


“Think And Grow Rich” in a nutshell:

You can grow rich by your own strength. But not quick. What you need is the absolute desire to succeed, faith in yourself, a sound plan, imagination, knowledge, persistence and some friends to support you. And you have to be willing to render service in return: work – or rather hard work.

With that in mind it is up to you to take action and do the right thing. Whatever it may be in your case. Now you should be prepared to laugh about those “How You Can Make 5 Gazillion Dollars Online In 3 Seconds Without a Computer!”-Websites and continue to do your work, step by step, to earn your deserved riches.

The Health Benefits of Natural Mineral Makeup

Women are getting pickier about their make-ups these days. Most women are now looking for hypo-allergenic cosmetic sets for the simple fact that they don’t harm the skin. As such, cosmetics are getting more natural. The core ingredient of these products is getting purer and purer, leaving no room for artificial colorings and ingredients. And this is what natural mineral makeup is all about paper writer service

Make-ups are considered pure if they are made with ingredients naturally occurring around us. These choice ingredients are then processed delicately and purely, without infusing them with chemicals and other harmful substances. The chemicals additives in ordinary make-up are fragrances, animal by-products, perfume, lanolin, talc, fillers, parabens, and binders. These ingredients, if used for extended periods of time, can be harmful to the skin. Natural mineral makeup, on the other hand, doesn’t contain any of these. What they have are pure, cosmetic-grade minerals such as mica, titanium oxide, and zinc oxide.

With more manufacturers looking to create natural make-ups, people have better option. These quality cosmetics are mild to the skin while providing for an extensive coverage. Keep in mind that the more natural mineral content the makeup has, more fine ingredients it contains. And that also means it has less or none of the harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Natural mineral makeup looks and works like regular cosmetics, only better. They also come in many types, shades, and forms. There will always be one perfect for your skin tone. Foundations, eye shadows, bronzers, and blushers of all colors are easily available, in the shades you want to wear. Using this alternative would hide all the imperfections and flaws of your skin, as they work way better than ordinary mineral cosmetics.

If most make-ups tend to leave your skin dull and dry, this one is different. It is delicate to the face and skin, giving you a healthier complexion with every use. There are also lesser chances of developing allergic reactions. And it does everything more than just leaving you shining, confident and beautiful at all times.

Provide your skin some breathing room. Undo all the damages unnatural make-ups had done to it. Make the switch now. You don’t have to withstand all the rashes and irritation your current make-up gives you. Go for the rosy glow only from a natural mineral make-up. Let it bring out your innermost beauty and shine. Let it bring out the best in you all the time.

Dragon Fruit Cocktail With Vodka

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and can strengthen the immune system. Pairing these two fruits will give you a good amount of fiber and help reduce bad cholesterol. Pitaya, better known as dragon fruit, is a sweet and flavorful fruit. While the plant originally comes from Mexico, this superfood is popular all over the world. In this guide, we’ll look at what foods go well with dragon fruit. Overall it’s an easy plant, but as it’s a fruit-bearing variety, you should pay attention to it in the growing season for a good harvest.

The competition between Dough and Dragon really depends on the user. This fruit is very good for raids, because you can fly, deal high damage, and it’s attacks have big hit boxes. For the last boss at Wave 30, if you get high enough, you can kill the boss without taking damage. Cross pollination with different pitaya flower, to develop new genes…. Suitable material for it to creep over will be 4″x4″ concrete post or wooden post with a motorcycle tyre placed horizontally on top for it to branch. Tiny enough to grow in small backyards but the fruit size is still large.

This will ultimately judge whether it’s worth buying this expensive fruit or not. If you’ve ever seen a dragon fruit before then you’ve probably wondered what it would taste like. Serve with angel food cake, pound cake or another light pastry.

Money is needed to facilitate the missionary activities and farming is our way of doing it,” says Peet. 5) Cover the pot with a plastic lid or glass to help maintain a level of high humidity around the seeds and cut back on the need to constantly mist. You can also enclose the pot in a plastic bag to assist with the humidity. 3) Just barely cover the seeds by sprinkling a light layer of germinating medium over them.

Ultra Rare: Hs Chameleon Double Color Dragon Fruit Unrooted Cutting ~>10inches

Even if you do stumble upon a bland one, it’s going to go great in a smoothie. Add frozen dragon fruit chunks to smoothies to create a creamy bowl, similar to soft serve ice cream. You will tell if dragon fruit is ripe or not from its skin. This means you will not be able to trust the way the fruit feels in your hand, or even a halved fruit. Unfortunately the white variety, which you will only know by cutting the fruit open or trusting the label, is the blandest.

Fresho Dragon Fruit

Parsley is a complementary vegetable that has many health benefits. How long will a 250mg CBD Gummies jar last me? juices contain a lot of soluble fiber that is very useful in removing fat in the intestine. Fat attached to the stomach wall will be carried out together with soluble fiber when you defecate.

Sugar Dragon Fruit Hylocereus Guatemalensis X Cuttings

Vitamin C, contained in many fruits but particularly dragon fruit helps brighten the skin. Try adding dried dragon fruit powder to your daily juices and watch your skin become radiant. The high level of vitamin C found in dragon fruit helps boost immunity and it stimulates the activity of other antioxidants in the body as well. According to a 2011 research study, the flesh and the peel of the white and red pitayas have high polyphenol and flavonoid content which can help eliminate free radicals. This has been linked to preventing the proliferation of cancer cells.

Benefits Of Dragon Fruit

In fact, some research shows that a higher intake of lycopene-rich foods could be linked to a lower risk of developing prostate cancer. Now that you know how to enjoy dragon fruit, let’s look at how to shop for, prepare, and store it… Whether you need to wind down at night or rev up for the day, PJs make the perfect partner for these easy yoga stretching routines. Keeping foods chilled properly, at the right refrigerator temperature, helps them last longer and stay fresher. Sticking to the ideal refrigerator temperature can help you avoid potential foodborne illnesses, too.

However, do look out for amazing discounts, offers and deals while shopping online with us. We believe in providing our customers with value for money deals and give them prices that they won’t find elsewhere. 1 pc of Fresho dragon fruit should vary between 250 to 350 gms. It has high levels of vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants in it. It helps you improve your immunity, helps in absorbing iron in your body, produces collagen resulting in healthier skin and teeth and has several other health benefits. You can now buy Fresho dragon fruit from bigbasket and have it delivered to your house.

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For example an oversupply of high quality fruit will depress prices but equally, periods of low availability will see even average quality fruit command high prices. A watery rot is also a problem if conditions are too wet or the plant has suffered injury. If you’ve already cut the fruit into chunks, you can place them back into the half-shell for an attractive serving presentation . However, mushy skin or wrinkles/sagging indicate it’s too old and should be discarded. 7 grams of fiber per cup along with prebiotics for a healthy gut and digestive health.

Although it will take a long time for them to grow and mature and give fruit — average three to four years. The fruit can be sliced lengthwise and the flesh scooped out or it can be quartered and the leathery skin can be peeled back. If you’re looking for a gorgeous sweet treat that’ll impress everyone not just with its taste but with its elegant appearance, Bavarian cream dragon fruit cake is it. Plus, it looks stunning, especially if you have a red-flesh dragon fruit instead of a white one. Between the dragon fruit, banana, honey, yogurt, blueberries, and granola, there are so many delicious tastes in this one small cup – tons of vitamins and nutrients, as well. If possible, this dragon fruit smoothie is even more tropical, thanks to the addition of coconut milk.

Finally, give your dragon fruit a squeeze to check if it’s ripe as it should be soft when it’s ripe. Dragon fruit flowers are strange in that the flowers open up at night time. It is relatively simple to germinate dragon fruit seeds. Even though it is a desert plant it really doesn’t require excessive amounts of light for it to grow healthy. Dragon fruit is one of the easiest fruits to grow indoors, it is from the cactus family so prefers a dry warm environment and doesn’t need much care when it is settled.

However, more in vivo studies should be done to determine the safety of antiviral therapy using red dragon fruits for humans. The fiber in dragon fruit gets you closer to the recommended minimum of 25 grams per day for proper digestion and overall health—but that’s not all it’s good for. Dragon fruit is “a good source of prebiotic fiber, which supports the growth of good bacteria in your gut,” McGrane says. You may not be lucky enough to live surrounded by palm trees, but thanks to popular tropical fruits like açaí and dragon fruit , you can darn sure pretend. Lycopene, a very potent antioxidant that reduces cancer-causing cells.

There are no distinct varieties of dragon fruit, but there are many clones, which have differences in the stem type, colour, fruit shape, skin thickness and scale expression. Dragon fruit grow best on a well-drained, relatively sandy soil. The plant will respond well to additions of lime and organic matter.

Health authorities recommend 25 grams of fiber per day for women and 38 grams for men. Like antioxidants, fiber supplements do not have the same health benefits as fiber from foods . You will know your dragon fruit is ready to harvest when the flaps on the pink outer skin start to develop a withered appearance. If it’s ripe, you should be able to twist it from the stem with ease—any fruit that has fallen from the stem on its own tends to be overripe, so timing your harvest properly is important. If kept in the refrigerator, dragon fruit can last up to two weeks.

Dragon fruits are now easily available in most supermarkets. Alternatively, you can try the Asian food market in your area. Dragon Fruit flowers bloom only at night and will last for one night only. Pollination needs to happen on that one night for it to set fruit.

The Benefits Of Dragon Fruit May Be Listed As Follows

Typically, the fruit has red pulp, or red flesh if you like. The fruit originates from the dragon fruit cactus plant, which usually appears like vines. Unlike day pollination done by bees, it is surprising to note that this nutritious and tasty fruit blooms at night where pollination is caused by nocturnal living things such as bats and moths. What is more, it blooms a few times annually, blossoming with the now synonymous huge aromatic buds.

where can u get cbd gummies contains pigmented carotenoids like – beta-carotene and lycopene – and vitamin C that have the potential to fight cancer. Antioxidants such as betalains can reduce oxidative stress and fight cancer cells , . Research has found that the betacyanins found in dragon fruit may inhibit the growth and spread of breast cancer . The seeds of dragon fruit are a rich source of essential unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic and linolenic acids .

When growing naturally, it attaches branched stems to trees or rocks via adventitious roots. Under cultivation the vine-like stems are supported by a post and trellis system. Optimum temperatures for growth are 18-25°C, with good relative humidity levels. Hylocereus undatus is tolerant of windy conditions and moderately saline soils. How long does it take for delta 8 edibles to kick in?, pitaya and pitahaya are the common names and are sometimes used interchangeably for several species of cacti that bear edible fruit.

Eating Dragon Fruit

Slice the thirds into small bits about the size of a teaspoon. After this is done, it is time to move on to the next step. Mono-saturated fats can be very useful in lowering heart-related problems and cardiovascular issues. It will also help in keeping your blood pressure low. It works by reducing bad cholesterol levels and improves good cholesterol levels.

If you have questions and problems while on the website, there is a customer rep ready to chat online with you and help you out. With regular, daily sales, you will be able to find your dragon fruit at a great price. Included on every page are details about the fruit in question, like when they are in season so you aren’t caught off guard or miss out. For a refreshing breakfast fruit bowl, you can mix chunks of these fruits while topping them with your favorite nuts, seeds, and granola. He has a deep passion for houseplants & gardening and is constantly on the lookout for yet another special plant to add to his arsenal of houseplants, succulents & cacti.

Prune any side shoots off the main stem and secure the stems of each plant to the support frame with garden ties or similar. Install a support system into the centre of the pot . Dig two or three planting holes around the base of the support. Dragon fruit are well suited to growing in pots, provided they are least 500 mm wide. Dragon fruit are native to parts of Central and South America, so will grow best in tropical, subtropical or warm temperate frost-free climates.

The vine is very thin.Large pink fruit with an excellent flavor.Pink PantherHylocereus undatus and Hylocereus polyrhizus cross.Medium sized magenta fruit, its very sweet. Dark StarSelf pollinating variety.Medium to large sized fruit. Has red flesh and a mild, sweet grape-like flavorDelightA seedling selection made by the California Rare Fruit Growers. It is self pollinating.Medium to large fruit with sweet, smooth flesh and unique pink hue.

Becoming far more agile than as a full dragon, Kaidou can move around by slithering through the air, using his dragon tail to propel himself forward or upwards, which aids his offensive moves. Kaidou also demonstrates the ability to breath fire in his hybrid form, though with less force due to his decrease in size. While the user’s dragon scales are immensely tough, the user remains vulnerable to attacks that, by their nature, can bypass external defenses.

Antiviral activity of betacyanins from red pitahaya and red spinach against dengue virus type 2 (GenBank accession no. MH488959), Access Microbiology, ResearchGate. Beta-carotene, lycopene, and alpha-tocopherol contents of selected Thai fruits, Food Chemistry, ScienceDirect. Dragon fruits are also said to have many beneficial properties for the skin.

Dragon fruit are native to Central and South America and grown commercially in Israel, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia. In Australia, both the white-fleshed dragon fruit (H. undatus) and red-fleshed dragon fruit (H. polyrhizus) are grown commercially. Smaller amounts of the Selenicereus sp, a smaller spiny yellow skinned fruit with sweet white flesh is grown and also sold under the common name dragon fruit. Dragon fruit produced in Australia is sold on the domestic market and no other country has access to the Australian market for biosecurity reasons.

It is beautiful and tastes, to us, very much like kiwi. Anon44212 September 5, 2009 i have read from a local magazine that dragon fruit contains high levels of vitamin c, calcium and phosphorus with high levels of antioxidants. Anon December 29, 2012 Yes you can plant Dragon Fruit seed and easily. Just dry them out for three days then plant, and you should see sprouts in as early as 10 days. The seedlings will be visible in about two or three weeks.

Moneymaking Watermelon Farming Business For Beginners

You do not eat the dragon fruit skin but in some Southeast Asian countries, the skin is pickled and eaten either on its own or as a salad. For dragon fruit smoothie, freeze the scooped fruit pulp. When you are ready to make the smoothie, throw in the frozen dragon fruit pulp, add milk and blend. You can also add other fruits to this dragon fruit smoothie such as banana, pineapple, mango, etc.

This fruit originates from Thailand and is sourced directly from there by the brand Fresho. Fresho is our vendor for all fruits, vegetables and some meat as well. As their name suggests, the brand provides the freshest of products available to us and our customers. Dragon fruit price may differ from one place to another, depending on its rarity. The dragon fruit 250 gm price is Rs.112 on bigbasket.

Costaricensis has red skin and psychedelically red flesh, while H. Dragon fruit, also known as pitaya or the strawberry pear, is a beautiful tropical fruit that is sweet and crunchy. The plant the fruit comes from is actually a type of cactus of the genus Hylocereus, which includes about 20 different species. Originally popular in Southeast Asia and Latin America, dragon fruit is now grown and enjoyed all over the world. Though it may look intimidating with its pinkish red skin and light green scales, preparing this unusual fruit is easy. You can enjoy eating it in fruit salads, it can be used to create tasty drinks and desserts, and it is a wonderful, healthy snack on its own.

There are a few pests that may occasionally bother dragon fruit, but generally it’s tough and can handle small numbers of insect pests. If you need to control sap-sucking pests like aphids or mealy bugs, spray with Yates Nature’s Way Vegie & Herb Spray. Certain cacti can be sensitive to sprays, so always do a spot test on a small inconspicuous area and wait for a few days to see if there are any adverse reactions. If none are observed, go ahead with a more widespread spray. In conditions that have excessive light intensity, it is advisable to provide shade. There are species that are susceptible to bleaching when exposed to high radiations.

Kwasizabantu Mission in Kranzkop in KwaZulu-Natal has earned a reputation for being a self-sufficient centre of German excellence. Adding a burst of color are the large white blossoms that can grow to nearly a foot long. These lovely flowers are as fragrant as they are beautiful.

Flowering is equally affected by excessive temperatures. Generally speaking, dragon fruit plants are not prone to pests, but when their prized fruit starts to appear, you will need to protect the plant from hungry bats and birds. The seeds sprout easily if planted as soon as they are removed from the fruit. A soil mixture of sand and compost seems to be the best for dragon fruit. Also, the mild laxative properties of dragon fruit help loosen the stool and regulate bowel movements.

Although dragon fruit plants enjoy warm weather and are often planted in full sunlight, too much intense sun in dry or especially hot regions can cause stem damage. If temperatures in your area are frequently near 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s best to plant your cactus in a spot that boasts partial shade. Likewise, it’s important to be aware that too much shade can result in less abundant fruit production and the quality of your harvest may not be as impressive. Although dragon fruit may not feature regularly on your grocery list, this brightly colored fruit, with its white flesh and black seeds, may be worth a taste if you’re looking to change things up. Eighty-three isolates of Fusarium were isolated from 20 plantations and were morphologically identified as F. Proliferatum based on the variability of colony appearance, pigmentation, growth rate, length of chains, production of bluish sclerotia, concentric ring aerial mycelium and sporodochia.

The flower looks exotic with fluffy white petals and a yellow center. I think everything about this plant is worth mentioning. Apart from the colorful fruit, the flowers on this cactus are considered the largest. If it’s growing in a pot, you can use the traditional method of checking the soil by hand. If the soil feels dry on touching, go ahead and add water.

To prepare pancakes with dragon fruit, you should first combine flour, baking powder, milk, sugar, eggs, and butter. The fruit pieces can then be added to the batter or used later on as toppings. Heat your pan, melt the butter, and pour a small portion of the batter into the pan to let it cook.

The natural growing season for CBD Gummy Bears starts in midsummer and goes through early fall, but modern agricultural practices mean you can find it pretty much year round. It’s the fruit of a climbing cactus , native to Mexico and South America, but it’s now grown in many other tropical locales, including various Southeast Asian countries and Australia. The feathery white firework-burst flowers of the plant bloom during the dark of night, and wither in the sun the very next day.

A fungus was consistently isolated from the stems of symptomatic H. Conidia are relatively fusiform, cylindrical, or slightly curved, with one of the central cells being larger and darker (26.15 ± 0.05 μm). Polyrhizus are deposited at the Culture Collection Unit, Universiti Sains Malaysia and available on request. Isolates were tested for pathogenicity by injecting conidial suspensions (1 × 10 6 conidia/ml) and pricking colonized toothpicks on 25 healthy H.

It can remain fresh for a day, possibly a little longer, depending on how ripe it is. Once the flesh begins to turn brown and get mushy, it’s time to toss it. Dragon fruits grow on a form of cactus that is known as the Honolulu queen. The plant is native to southern Mexico and central America but today, it is grown all over the world.

The sugar apple is an exquisite fruit that is very closely related to the cherimoya. The fruit are typically baseball to softball size, and they taste like sugary sweet custard. The pulp comes apart in segments each containing a small black seed that separates easily from the fruit.

Once finished, serve your pancakes with powdered sugar, honey, or maple syrup. To make pudding, prepare the ingredients the night before. These include blended dragon fruit and your choice of milk, along with some chia seeds. By the time you dig into your breakfast fruit bowl the next morning, the seeds will have absorbed the milk, producing a jelly-like texture. One of the most common fruits that is typically paired with it is lemon.

Sold in a bundle of three, people that love dragon fruit will not be disappointed with this. And with a longer availability, you will be able to enjoy this exotic fruit for longer than if you’d bought from someone else. You can eat Dragonfruit as a desert, raw, of you can juice it and use it in cocktails. Cocktails of ice cream are an example, or into a mouthwatering healthy alcoholic beverage. In Taiwan for instance, the Dragonfruit is used by diabetics to substitute food for rice and to enhance the fiber content of the diet.

While you’ll probably enjoy it, it’s a massive hit with kids. Dragon fruit is high in fiber and magnesium, is one of the few fruits that contain iron, and provides you with numerous other nutrients. Cud you plz provide details of perticular type of soil, rail fall per yr, max and minimum temp, market link, seedlings availableand consultancy . Can u pls tell me where we can sell Dragon fruit for Rs 500 per kg ?

You can also find dragon fruit in the frozen section of some grocery stores, pre-peeled and cut into cubes. This is a convenient option for a tasty snack that packs a nutrient-dense punch. While no studies have linked dragon fruit to any of these conditions, its high-fiber content can help you meet your recommended daily values. Dietary fibers are nondigestible carbohydrates that boast an extensive list of potential health benefits. Importantly, antioxidants work best when eaten naturally in food, rather than in pill form or as a supplement. In fact, antioxidant supplements may have harmful effects, and taking them without medical supervision is not recommended .

This plant needs moist soil that replicates its native subtropical growing environment. Allow few inches of the soil to dry out before watering but never the entire potting mixture. Megalanthus has yellow-skinned fruit with white flesh.

If you’re looking for a truly other-worldly fruit to grow, look no further than dragon fruit. Also sometimes known as pitahaya, dragon fruit is native to Mexico, Central America, and South America, and is one of several different fruits grown from cacti. Perhaps the most aesthetically rewarding is when it is part of dramatic and diverse tropical fruit platter, served at the end of a meal. Simply slice a dragon fruit down the middle to expose that vivid white interior and contrast with its lipstick-bright skin.

How To Plant Dragon Fruit Cuttings

Three species-specific primers, namely ITS1/proITS-R, PRO1/2 and Fp3-F/4-R successfully produced PCR products and confirmed that the isolates from stem rot of H. From BLAST search of translation elongation factor 1-alpha (TEF1-α) sequences, the isolates showed 99–100% similarity with F. Proliferatum deposited in GenBank which further confirmed that the isolates were F. The results from amplification of MAT-allele specific primers indicated that 14.5% of F. Proliferatum isolates carried MAT-1 allele and 85.5% carried MAT-2. Proliferatum isolates were male fertile showing positive crosses with the tester strains of MATD-1 and MATD-2.

When flowers won’t form on pitaya, the plant’s care and environment may need a bit of tweaking. Mulch plants to protect their shallow roots and water in witheco-seaweed. Repeat the eco-seaweed a week later to encourage new roots to grow quickly.

Hylocereus ocamponis(Salm-Dyck) Britton & Rose is a similar cactus to H. Undatus and is cultivated in Guatemala, Colombia, Bolivia and Puerto Rico. It has more deeply undulate wings bordered with brown and longer spines. The fruit is wine-red outside and inside, and the flesh is sweet . Other dragon-fruit-type Hylocereus species producing sweet fruits include H. They open at night and in Mexico nocturnal visitors include the nectar-feeding bats Leptonycteris curasoae and Choeronycteris mexicana which are the main pollinators of this species.

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BK8 sebagai satu-satunya situs poker online resmi dan paling bagus rupanya menghadirkan bonus dan promo beragam yang bisa didapatkan semua peserta secara gratis. Anda akan menerimanya setelah permainan berakhir dengan menggunakan rekening pribadi. Jumlah yang didapatkan setiap pemain selalu beragam sesuai jenis permainan judi online yang dipilih serta nilai taruhannya masing-masing supaya member lainnya bisa memperoleh hadiah dan bonus dari admin utama BK8.


Anda bisa bermain judi poker online tanpa henti via BK8. Bagaimana tidak, situs poker terpercaya dan terpopuler tersebut memiliki sistem aksesibilitas tinggi lantaran para bettor resminya bisa mengakses melalui android atau iOS. Anda juga dapat bermain selama 24 jam non stop dengan mengundang beberapa orang untuk mengisi room yang sama, serta kerabat agar mereka dapat bergabung sebagai member baru dimana anda pun akan memperoleh keuntungan dari jumlah pemain pemula yang diundang sebelumnya.

6 Common QuickBooks Issues and How to Solve Them

From performing a never ending series of tasks for its users, such as paying bills, managing payroll, generating reports, invoicing customers, and tax filing, QuickBooks has been a savior for many. Be it the sole proprietors, CPAs, bookkeepers, or business owners, QuickBooks is still the first choice and is popular as one of the topmost small business accounting tools in the market to date. QuickBooks won’t open

Thanks to its wide range of powerful features, both QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks hosting have been famous among the masses. However, when something goes wrong or when you find yourself stuck while using the marvelous accounting software, things may not always seem to be smooth sailing. Here are some of the most common issues you might face while working on your QuickBooks software and how you can fix them with a few simple steps:

Difficulty Updating Data Files

If you have just updated your QuickBooks to the latest version, the previous version’s data files may no longer be readable. The best thing to do is to create a backup before you begin with the installation. However, to fix this issue, you need to update your data files on the new version QuickBooks. Here’s how:


  1. Open QuickBooks
  2. Click on File
  3. Select Open or Restore Company
  4. Choose Open a Company file and click on Next
  5. Click on your chosen data file and then click Open

To further ensure that there are no issues with your data files, you can simply run a verification of the files before you uninstall your QuickBooks or install the new update. Here are the steps:



  1. Go to Files > Utilities > Verify data
  2. If QuickBooks detects no issues with your data, select OK
  3. If errors are detected, click on Rebuild Now or View Errors

Some QuickBooks users prefer to update their software side-by-side. This way, you can buy yourself time to ensure that the updated version is working well before you uninstall the older QuickBooks version.


Not Able to Rebuild Data Files

If the previous step didn’t work, then you may need to rebuild your data on the previous version. Here’s what you can do:


  1. Create a backup of your data files
  2. Verify the files
  3. Rebuild

To ensure that the rebuild happens without a glitch, make sure that your data files are located in the C: drive of your local machine. QuickBooks may pose an issue if the data file is saved on any other drive on your local machine. Once you copy your data file on the C: drive, you can rebuild it, and move the file to where you needed it in the first place.


QuickBooks Is Slow in Multi-User Mode

This can be due to a number of reasons, including hardware issues, and the causes can be tricky to identify. The first and foremost step to give your QuickBooks a speed boost is to go to use the File > Utilities > Clean Up Company Data tool. If this doesn’t seem to work, you can turn off the Audit Trail feature. However, the Audit Trail feature will help you to keep up with the changes other users have incorporated in the data files, so you might want to keep it running.

Compulsive Gambler’s Guilt Affects Their Gambling Addiction Recovery

When a compulsive gambler is in recovery, feeling guilty is one of the toughest areas to resolve for some people. When a gambler finally makes the conscious decision to stop gambling, reality sets in for the first time in a long time. When they take finally take stock in themselves they see all the damage they caused. Some people stop right before it’s too late and they have a few assets left. Then the compulsive gambler thinks they’re in control and once again go back to gambling. The next time the destruction is twice as worse. The feelings of guilt increase until they finally are willing to face they have a gambling problem.

Through various discussions with compulsive gamblers, I found a majority felt guilty and ashamed about the following: เว็บแทงบอล

* Feeling guilty you lied to your family and friends

* Feeling ashamed that your family and friends know you have a problem gambling

* Feeling guilty that friends and family may never trust you again

* Feeling guilty and ashamed knowing how much money you lost that could have been better spent.

* Feeling guilty you didn’t spend enough time with your children.

* Feeling guilty about your self destructive behavior

* Feeling guilty you didn’t go to relatives and friends events (birthdays, graduations etc.)

In time people will forgive the compulsive gambler, but can the compulsive gambler forgive them selves?

Friends and family will come around if the compulsive gambler keeps their word from now on. Once the gambler tells you they stop gambling, they must stick to it. If not they will lose credibility. Trust is very important both for the compulsive gambler and for the family and friends. People have to learn to trust compulsive gamblers all over again. In time they will if the compulsive gambler is willing to stop gambling.

Even though a compulsive gambler made numerous mistakes, they can recover and they can move forward. It’s human nature to learn from your mistakes. No one is going to give the compulsive gambler the death penalty for gambling. A lot of gamblers feel this way when their world comes crumbling down.

Take the time to improve your quality of life and the compulsive gambler’s feelings of guilt will diminish over time.

Mr. Howard Keith has an extensive background in dealing with compulsive gamblers, relatives and friends of gamblers and teenage gamblers. Mr. Keith believes there are many alternatives to aid in the recovery of a gambling addiction verses a twelve step program. A large percentage of his emails were from compulsive gamblers looking for an alternative to Gamblers Anonymous and twelve step programs. Gamblers Anonymous also helps a significant number of people each year but there is a large percentage that they are unable to reach.


The Top 10 Football Teams in London

There is much to see for those who are interested in football in London. Just to clarify for any readers of this article from outside the UK, football means the ‘beautiful game’, what is commonly referred to as Soccer around the world.

London has a proud tradition of famous football teams with much competition between them to be the top club. There are generally four or five London teams in the Premier League and there are many commentators who believe that this is one of the biggest obstacles to any one of them winning the league. A ‘local derby’ between two London football teams could produce an electric atmosphere and turn current form on its head they are so well contested. ยูฟ่าเบท

Premier League tickets are sometimes difficult to obtain, but a bit of persistence often gets results. There are a number of ticket agencies that can get them for a price.

In the last decade, both Arsenal and Chelsea have each won the illustrious Premier League title twice and reached the final of the European Cup.

Here are some details about the top 10 football clubs in London and to avoid any accusations of being partisan, they are listed in alphabetical order:-


The Gunners, Arsenal have played in the top division of English football in consecutive seasons since the 1919-20 season. They have been champions on 13 occasions and achieved a unique record for modern times in 2003-04 season when they went the whole season without being beaten.

Arsenal have won the much coveted ‘double’ (league and cup winners in the same season) three times, in 1971, 1998 and 2002

In recent years they have moved to a new venue, The Emirates Stadium, with a 60,000 capacity. The Arsenal Museum is well worth a visit and is open every day.


The Bees, Brentford Football Club are currently playing in Football League I. They were founded in 1889 and play their home games at Griffin Park their home stadium since 1904. Brentford’s most successful spell came during the 1930s, when they achieved consecutive top six finishes in the First Division.

Since the War, they have spent most of their time in the third and fourth tiers of English football. Brentford have been FA Cup quarter-finalists on four occasions, and have twice been Football League Trophy runners-up.

Charlton Athletic

The Addicks, Charlton Athletic have seen better days. There halcyon days were in the 1930s and 40s. In recent years they have struggled after being relegated from the Premier League in 2005 and then from the Championship in 2008.

They play at The Valley just south of the River Thames in Greenwich. The club was founded in 1905.

Historically, Charlton’s most successful period was the 1930s, when the club’s highest league finishes were recorded, including runners-up of the league in 1937, and after World War II, when the club reached the FA Cup final twice, winning in 1947.


The Pensioners or the Blues, Chelsea Football Club was founded in 1905, and play in the Premier League. Chelsea have been champions three times (1955, 2005, 2006), and have won the FA Cup five times, the League Cup four times and the UEFA Cup Winners Cup twice. They reached the UEFA Champions League Final in 2008

Chelsea play at Stamford Bridge in West London and their ground capacity is 42,000.The Chelsea Museum is open most days and is well worth a visit for those interested in museums and football history.

Crystal Palace

The Eagles, Crystal Palace Football Club was formed in 1905. The team plays its home matches at Selhurst Park, where it has been based since 1924. The club is currently competing in the second tier, The Championship.

Crystal Palace’s most recent successful period began in 1988-89, when the club finished third in the Second Division and were promoted to the First Division. Reaching the 1990 FA Cup Final only to lose the replay against Manchester United and finishing 3rd in the First Division in 1990-91.

Since then Palace have been relegated from and promoted to the FA Premier League on a number of occasions, their most recent relegation from the top flight was in the 2004-05 season. This is all despite the club being almost bankrupt in July 2000.


The Cottagers, Fulham Football Club was founded in 1879, they celebrated their 125th anniversary in 2004, and are in the top tier of English football, the Premier League. Fulham are the oldest professional football team in London.

In 2009, Fulham had their highest-ever finish in the Premier League, coming 7th to qualify for Europe.

The club has produced many great British footballers including Johnny Haynes, George Cohen, Bobby Robson, Rodney Marsh and Alan Mullery and Jim Langley. They play at the historic Craven Cottage, their home since 1896, a riverside ground on the banks of the River Thames in Fulham.

Queens Park Rangers

The Hoops or just QPR, Queens Park Rangers Football Club based in Shepherd’s Bush, West London. They currently play in the Football League Championship, and their honours include winning the League Cup in 1967, and being runners-up in the old First Division in 1975-76 and FA Cup in 1982.

Queens Park Rangers Football Club was founded in 1882, and its traditional colours are blue and white. Owing to its proximity to other West London clubs, QPR maintains long-standing rivalries with several other clubs in the area, the most notable of these being Chelsea, Brentford and Fulham with whom they contest what are known as West London derbies.

In 2007 QPR was taken over by Italian tycoon Flavio Briatore and rank among the top 10 richest sporting clubs in the world. Other major shareholders include Lakshmi Mittal & F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone. So watch this space!


Best Online Gambling Enterprises For Real Cash Wagering

Although its welcome incentive is a little smaller than the competition, there are plenty of subsequent bonuses to benefit from, including reload incentives with fair playthroughs. A small drawback is that, considering that there aren’t as numerous settlement techniques as a few other sites you may locate that your recommended method is missing out on. Nevertheless, Bitcoin is approved and also payouts with this tool are immediate. Nonetheless, you’ll discover that you might either move up or down a degree relying on your accrued weekly risks. Launched in 2017, Red Dog Online casino may be a fairly new brand, yet it has actually done enough to scoop our award for the very best online gambling enterprise of the year. Fruit machine From video clip casino poker to statewide progressives and major events.

List Of On-line Gambling Establishments In Michigan

Elements such as authenticity, worth, promotions, safety, withdrawal, and also down payment have been considered. One of the most preferred type of bonus is one that can be declared without the requirement to deposit any of the player’s very own money – known as a no down payment reward. These rewards are utilized as acquisition tools by online casinos wishing to draw in new players. No deposit bonus offers do not always take the kind of genuine money, as exhibited listed below. This allows the player to kind your message to the dealership as well as they can react back verbally. The online chat function can likewise be made use of to connect with various other players seated at the table following a collection of guidelines laid down by the gambling establishment.

Mi Online Casino Site Gambling Websites & Apps

Red Pet dog Gambling establishment additionally invites gambling newbies with a 225 percent bonus. If you use Neosurf or Bitcoin, you’ll obtain 20 percent additional on this perk. Existing gamers can make the most of multiple motivations as well as promotions at the gambling enterprise. On-line gambling regulations differ in each nation around the world and go through change.

New players may benefit from a 240 percent welcome perk + 40 Free Spins on their preliminary down payment. Free spins as well as brand-new video game incentives are also available at the online casino, cultivating gameplay on newly-released titles. Keno This lottery-like game of chance is a success at on-line casinos.

Subsequently, we likewise really feel that customers should be aware of the elements on which these gambling websites were picked. It will assist you recognize the nuts and bolts of gaming and also keep you alarmed in case of any concerns or malpractice. You can use all of the cryptos, checks by courier, as well as Person2Person as withdrawal alternatives.

To enjoy more social elements of Acid rock Social Gambling enterprise, connect your Facebook account. You can send out as well as receive presents daily and also invite your friends totally free coins. You can access an overview on how to produce your brand-new Hard Rock Social Casino site account by Debit, Credit History Cards and Direct Payments can be used to pay in the app.

These are some vital aspects to remember before you take the plunge. As a gamer, you must, whatsoever costs, take a look at the features and games supported by the website. 먹튀검증 If you have some preferred video games in mind, check whether they are available or not. Our handle the testimonials is that numerous betting sites treat their players badly while the operation is unreliable. Ape Knife Battle is a family member novice to online video gaming that will satisfy all your wagering needs with easy financial investment in day-to-day fantasy sporting activities.

2021s Finest Online Gambling Sites That You Can Use To Make Real Money

With about 150 ports, including standard, video clip, and also 3D slots, is for those that wish to put wagers at a grand port casino. If you make a decision to try another thing, it additionally uses table video games, live supplier video games, and also numerous video casino poker games. Making use of the iOS variation of a mobile casino application supplies essentially every one of the exact same deposit as well as withdrawal techniques readily available to Android users. ACH/eCheck, PayPal, Play+ Prepaid, credit cards, and debit cards are the most widely approved as well as practical deposit methods. Some systems provide a casino-branded variation of the Play+ Prepaid card, which can be loaded utilizing a selection of methods and links directly to your casino site account. 안전놀이터

Best Genuine Cash Online Gambling Enterprises Of 2021

Web-based online gambling establishments (likewise known as flash or no-download gambling establishments) are websites where users might play casino games without downloading software application to their regional computer system. Gamings are mainly represented in the browser plugins Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave, or Java and also need browser support for these plugins. Some on the internet casinos additionally allow gameplay with a HTML interface.

Coco’s Florida Panthers ® Power Play Contest

With such playing free of cost games, you can construct your gaming abilities and even locate games that fit the best with your choices plus selections. Bush Gambling enterprise online wagering site is renowned for several online gaming. The ports and also table games normally utilize Core Pc gaming Software program. Both main providers are Visionary iGaming and the super brand-new Fresh Deck Studios. The following are our extensive testimonials of each of our favorite online gambling internet sites.

You can choose from many table video games, blackjack, online poker, or ports. A $5,000 bonus spread out across five deposits is offered to new gamers. We additionally found the mobile website to be properly designed, featuring impressive customer care. At El Royale, one addition that may fascinate iGamers is the “Sitemap” feature. Nevertheless, unlike other gambling establishment websites, gamers can additionally get info on their favorite games here. Live Dealer Live supplier games are the next best thing to an actual casino.

The brand-new procedures will call for gambling establishments to have individuals verify their identity and age in order to gamble. The Canadian criminal code states that only rural governments and also charitable companies accredited by provincial federal governments may operate an online casino in Canada. It also forbids residents from taking part in any lotto system, the lottery, or betting activity not certified or run by a rural federal government. In 2010, the British Columbia Lotto game Company released Canada’s very first lawful online gambling enterprise, PlayNow, which is readily available to residents of British Columbia. The district of Quebec additionally operates a legal online gambling establishment with Loto-Québec.

How to Compare Online Casinos

Whether gambling online is a serious pastime for you or a casual hobby, choosing between the hundreds of online casinos available online today can be rather intimidating. After all, every online gamer has their own unique personality, likes, dislikes and preferred games. Just as every player is different, so are online casinos. Below are the basics to consider when shopping around  for an online casino that will meet your gambling needs and then some.

When it comes to online casinos, I come to play and I play to win. But first and foremost, I come to play. That means that you’re not going to stick around playing a game you don’t enjoy. Even if you play a game common to all casinos like poker, if the interface is weak you are all but guaranteed to make a fast “exit.”It’s All About the Games

Because online casinos only feature games where wagers are involved, you might think your choices are limited, but you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many companies pride themselves on thinking outside the box and offering new and innovative games that raise the bar in terms of graphics, sound and playability daftar pkv games . It is a good idea to get an idea of which online casinos carry games that you are interested in playing. Companies like Rival and Cryptologic are just two of the many top online casino software providers that push the envelope with every game they put out.

Also know that each software provider has their own style. Rival, as I mentioned above, has stellar games, but tends to cater to the younger crowd of online casino players. They focus more on graphics and games that appeal to “video gamers” more than anyone else. Where as Cryptologic has a knack for taking classic games and making them fresh and exciting again.

Banking Features

Naturally people when playing online, one wants to make sure that they are able to access their money as quickly and conveniently as possible. Most online casinos offer simple depositing processes whereby you deposit money into an account for use within that particular online casino. Still, not every casino operates the same way. RTG and Playtech incorporate their own software methods to manage money while Cryptologic uses “Ecash.”

Look for Peer Reviews

An online casino will tell you anything and everything to get you to gamble at their online casino. Can you blame them? They want to make money. It is in their best interest to sell their online casino as the biggest and the best. Therefore, your best bet on researching an online casino is to search for customer reviews on gambling review websites.

Online gamers are passionate about the casinos they love and venomous towards those they hate. Before spending a dime, it behooves you to read some reviews and benefit from the experience of others. There are so many sites out there offering top-notch, third party reviews of online casinos. Even though you’ll be gambling at the casino, it’s best not to gamble on a casino.

Beware of Sign Up Bonuses

Sign up bonuses as far as I’m concerned are the candy that a shady stranger uses to lure a kid into a van. They say nothing for the online casino’s game-play or customer service. I shall use another simile. They are like an ad incentive from a car dealership put out there to draw suckers into the clutches of salesman. Bottom line, there’s always a catch. In the above scenarios you either get kidnapped or have the old “switcharoo” pulled on you and end up paying way more than you wanted for a car.

are no different. Often the sign up bonus will offer some exorbitant amount of free money. That’s what it says on the surface. But what they don’t tell you is that if you want that money to pay off, you will have to pay an even more exorbitant amount in wagers until you meet your minimum that lets you cash out…if you have any winnings that is.

Are You a Mac or a PC?

While every online casino is PC friendly, the same cannot be said for Macintosh computers. However, online casino bosses aren’t blind and many have developed platforms that are compatible with both PC and the rising number of Mac users. So if you’re on a Mac, your choice is fairly limited. If you’re on a PC, the online casino world is your oyster.

ECOGRA Certified Casinos

There are a number of third-party online casino watchdogs out there, all of them monitoring the casinos to see that they are playing fair. The most trusted of them all is eCogra (short for eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance). There is no way to ensure that any online casino is absolutely fair 100% of the time. However, seeing that a casino is certified by eCogra is the best way to know that play is as fair as it can be.