Pay-Per-Click Advertising for a Yoga Business

Pay-Per-Click advertising (or PPC as it is more commonly known) can give a small Yoga Businesses with a limited budget a chance to level the playing field with their larger competitors. On Google and Yahoo, PPC allows a business to take a small to moderate investment and target their most desired customers with laser-like accuracy. Simply put, it’s like getting an advertisement in front of the very same people who are searching what your business has to offer…at the exact moment they are looking for it!

A Pay-Per-Click ad is one that appears when an individual searches on the term you have purchased (bid on). The ad is made up of a small amount of text and a link to your site or landing page. The ad appears in the right column of the search results or at the top of a page (most commonly) in the “Sponsored Links” section — and can link to your website or a predetermined landing page.

Another advantage that a Yoga Business, which incorporates PPC into their marketing process, has is that their competitors are probably not doing it. Many non-technical businesses don’t use Internet marketing techniques, and this significantly reduces the competition for the ones that do. When a yoga business is located in a small geographic area they may be the only ones taking advantage of PPC and can easily get listed on the first page with a minimal investment. In order to determine how much competition is out there, do a search on either Google or Yahoo using the your key words and look in the PPC area to determine how many listings match up with your key words.

To learn more about PPC in general you can go to both Google’s and Yahoo’s websites for information and tutorials. The specific links are below:

A few important things to remember when incorporating PPC into your Yoga business are to start small and to monitor the process. Start with a small initial investment to test the results and monitor your PPC account at least on a weekly basis at first since you may need to be adjust your key words, descriptions, and investment in order to achieve the results you are looking for. If you know someone that has experience with setting up a PPC campaign, it would be great to get his or her help. WebFlexor Yoga specializes in helping Yoga Teachers and Studios succeed on the Web.

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