Sell Sheets: A Guide For New Self-Publishers

What Is A Sell Sheet?

A sell sheet (sometimes called a “one-sheet” or a “tip-sheet”) is a one-sheet flyer that promotes a book and its author. The major point of a sell sheet is to convey your book’s benefits in a short and concise manner. It is used to help you market your book directly to book buyers. It is not a press release. You should use it to promote and sell your book to retailers, wholesalers, and even consumers. You should also include your sheet in your book’s media kit so that news outlets, book reviewers, and book store retailers can have specific details about your book and your marketing plans. Remember, a press release should focus on the news that you or your book is making. The press release is a way to share information and is saying, “Hey, look at me, I have some news-worthy information to share with you.” Conversely, a sell sheet is more of an announcement that your book is out and available. The sheet is saying, “Hey, look at me, I have published a new book and I want you to buy it. Here is all the information that you need to know before buying my book.”

What Must A Sell Sheet Include?

Picture/Image: A high-resolution picture or image of your book

Description: A short, but enticing, description about your book

Title: The full title, including the sub-title

Author Name: Your name here

Author Photograph: If you have enough room, include a photo

Co-Author Name: You guessed it, the co-author’s name

Foreword Author: This person typically has a name bigger than your own, so if this is true, include it

Category: List the shelving category (BISG category heading), or subject of your book

ISBN 13: The standard book number assigned to your book

Format: Trade paperback, hardcover, pdf, mobi

Publication Date: The date your book is available

Pages: The number of pages of your book

Price: The cover price

Trim: The dimensions of your book (5.5″x8.5″, 8.5″x11″, 6″x9″)

Available from: Ingram, B&T, Amazon, for example

Marketing Plans: Targeted internet advertising; Direct mail and email marketing; Co-operative catalogs and trade show exhibits; Social media marketing; Video marketing

Quotes/Testimonials/Blurbs: This is important, especially if you have great ones to use

Call-To-Action: A statement such as “Visit MyBooksWebsiteDotCom for more info.”

How Do You Market Your Book Using A Sell Sheet?

When designed properly, the sell sheet will be just like having a printed version of your book’s webpage. You must use your sell sheet to communicate as much useful and informative details as you can about your book. Be sure to put a call-to-action that asks the book buyer to call a phone number or visit your website. You should also include your sell sheet in your book’s media kit. Remember, your book’s sell sheet must be an integral part of your marketing plan.

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