Small Business Marketing Tips

Are you unsure how to develop a winning marketing strategy for your small business? Are you trying everything you can think of to captivate potential customers but it’s just not working out? Are you overwhelmed by all the tips Google, Bing, and Yahoo provide? Well you’re in luck, because we have already done our research. Based in NYC, the marketing firm Marketers Anonymous will take care of all these issues for you as they create and market that competitive edge you have always wanted.

Here are a few helpful tips for you to try out:

Tip #1: The first thing you must do to get that competitive edge is to identify who your target market is.

Tip #2: You must be able to illustrate what makes you different from your leading competitors.

Tip #3: You should describe the benefits of your product or business.

Tip #4: Stay on target.

Once you have successfully identified these answers, your next task is to make sure that your advertisements are placed in appropriate areas for your specific market. Try categorizing your customers into segments to help you identify your sub-target groups so you can advertise accordingly. Helpful segments to categorize your groups can be:

*MVCs = most valuable customers,
*MPC = most profitable customers,
*NC = New customers,
*LC = Loyal customers, and
*SW = switchers (not loyal, but they’ll take whatever is on sale).

W.O.M; Word Of Mouth is a powerful and free tool. Use it. Have your MVC and LC (*most valuable customers and loyal customers) spread the word about your fantastic product. When your valuable and loyal customers are satisfied they will automatically rave about your product to friends and family, which will create more valuable and loyal customers. Tips on ways to spread the word of mouth:

1) Give out free samples–everyone love freebies; from your devoted to your new to your seeking customers.

2) Discounts–everyone loves a discount. Reducing the price, even for a short period of time, will also encourage the customer to go out now and buy the product (*hey if you can save a few bucks why wouldn’t you purchase it now?) Also, you can get creative with your discounts – only give the first 100 people who like a Facebook page, or only give discounts to customers who signed up a friend on your mailing list.

3) Surprise current customers–one way to create and maintain customer loyalty is to reward your current customers. Every few months have a raffle and pick one lucky customer who will receive a discount for that month or a free prize.

The more information you can gather and know about your target market, the greater you chances of success. Without customers, you have no business – so make sure you have a winning strategy that will give you that competitive edge.

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